How well do you know the health and condition of your eyes? Many conditions of the eyes might begin without any symptoms 😣

As a part of the Advocacy Initiative of Action for Sight 2023 to promote eye health and care and encourage the people of Macau to “Love Your Eyes”, we invite you to take this simple 3-minute quiz to find out more.

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Thanks to the generous support from the Action for Sight Ambassadors, Supporting Organizations and Media Partners, we are directing effort to raise awareness on the importance of eye health, while raising vital resources to sustain Orbis’ sight-saving programs and sustainable training. Join us to give the sight and let the world be seen!

Reminder: This quiz does not substitute for an eye examination. The information provided on this website is for reference only, it should not replace the advice or diagnosis of a physician and healthcare professionals. For any questions or concerns related to medical matters and / or if you are experiencing some sort of ailments with your eyes, please seek immediate medical help by visiting a qualified ophthalmologist or healthcare professional.

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